"All that is left to us is our being horrified at the loss of our sense of horror." -Abraham Joshua Heschel

"The least little pain in our little finger gives us more concern and uneasiness than the destruction of millions of our fellow-beings." -William Hazlitt

Are You Horrified?

WARNING: If you are looking for a "nice", "feel-good", "pro-life" site that will talk pleasantly about "choosing life" or "standing for life" then you are at the WRONG SITE! I am not concerned with making you feel good. I am only concerned about ending a ghastly horror greater than any other on earth, and am not "pulling any punches" in the process. If you are looking for one of those "nice" groups, there are plenty of them listed in the directory at AbortionReason.com.

If you are at this web site and don't believe that abortion is a horror that kills thousands of innocent children each day, my intent is not to try to convince you of it. If you need to be convinced, just follow some of the links under "Not Convinced..." at the Human Rights For All Ages Campaign main page. This web page is here for the benefit of those who already understand, or claim that they understand, that abortion kills little human beings. Are you one of them? Do you claim that abortion kills babies? If so, then I will warn you again: I am not a "nice pro-lifer", and I will not coddle or humor you.

My friend, over 3000 innocent children will be killed today in the United States alone. (Many times that number worldwide.) Almost all of these will be killed by an action commonly referred to as "abortion", or sometimes by even more euphemistic terms such as "terminating a pregnancy" or "exercising choice". Whichever terminology you wish to use to refer to it, over 3000 little developing human beings will be violently ripped to pieces today in the name of "reproductive freedom", or even "reproductive health", in a country that likes to think of itself as "advanced", "civilized", and "peaceful".

So, if you are indeed a "pro-lifer", "anti-abortionist", or whatever term you like to use to indicate that you are opposed to abortion, I have one question: DO YOU CARE?? We are killing, butchering - mass butchering - innocent little children every single day. Do you care? Are you angry? Are you HORRIFIED? Are you losing any sleep over this? If you really believed that thousands of innocent children were being ripped to pieces every day, you would act like it -- unless, of course, you are a cold, callous individual who just doesn't care. "I made it. Who cares about the rest of them?" Is that your motto?

"We should never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was 'legal', and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was 'illegal.'" -Martin Luther King, Jr.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmond Burke

If you saw a group of children about to be killed by some angry, violent person, like that man that you may remember opened fire in a school in Connecticut a while back, killing 20 children, would you just say, "Oh, no, that isn't right. You shouldn't do that"? Would you just calmly discuss the pros and cons of the situation? Would you keep your voice down and "maintain your propriety"? Or would you take action and do whatever was in your power to stop the killing, even if it meant upsetting someone, breaking the law, or even risking your life? Well, those living in the womb are every bit as good and valuable (aren't they?) as those in the schoolyard, and every day that goes by that we just calmly put up with the horror that is taking place we convince people that they are not! They can't possibly be. Otherwise we would be out there acting like they were, wouldn't we?!

Do you want to know why we haven't ended this horror? The answer is clear and obvious to anyone who will honestly look. All you have to do is look around and you will see. If I were to go by the actions of almost all of the people in this country who claim to oppose abortion, I would be a confirmed pro-abortionist! Yes, just like this guy, I would look at all the nice, calm, gentle, polite, well-behaved "pro-lifers" and conclude that there is nothing very terrible taking place at all. This past summer I visited the local "Right To Life" booth at my county fair. These are people involved with the biggest, most well-known organization in the U.S. that claims to oppose abortion. Did I see anyone who seemed upset at all about what was going on? No! What I found were a group of pleasant, smiling people handing out Bibles (What the hell do those Bibles have to do with anything?) and balloons saying, "Smile, Jesus Loves You!" That's right: "We are killing 3,000 children every day, so why don't you just do like I am doing and SMILE!" Those people did the most effective job of convincing people that there just isn't anything going on that is horrible enough to get upset about. Just "Smile"!!!!

Here in my town there has been a lot of concern over the fact that a few (very few!) of us have been displaying abortion victim pictures (i.e. "graphic images" of those who have been killed by abortion) to the people in the city. This causes concern among many "pro-lifers", who are concerned that we might possibly offend somebody. If people were truly horrified by what is happening every day in our society, would they be worried about the fact that some of us are showing it to people so that they will know? Would this even be a question? If they were truly horrified by the constant day-to-day mass slaughter of innocent human beings that is going on right under their noses, they would be too busy yelling, screaming, and demanding and end to the killing to be upset by what we are doing. They would be more concerned about the activity that is going on inside the local abortion facility.

The children aren't dying because of the pro-abortionists. They are dying because of us!! They are dying because we don't ACT like there is a horror taking place. Remember that man who walked into the school in Connecticut and shot children dead? The whole nation was up in arms over it. You heard about it for months. How could such a thing take place in a civilized society like the U.S.? But where were the cries about the 3000 children who died in abortion facilities that day? How come no one was upset about those killings? Where were the cries of horror?!

"If you believe abortion is murder, act like it's murder." -Operation Rescue

"How is the person who considers abortion to be murder any different from the Pole who knew what was going to happen at Auschwitz? If the Pole was morally obligated to attempt to save lives, isnít the person who opposes abortion under the same obligation? " -B. D. Colen

My friend, if you are unwilling to raise your voice in horror, if you are unwilling to yell and scream "bloody murder", if you are unwilling to make a nuisance of yourself in order to stop the killing of innocent people, then the children are dying BECAUSE OF YOU! Yes, don't try to shirk from it. They are dying because of your apathy and unwillingness to move outside of your comfort zone. It is not the pro-abortionists' fault the children are dying. They don't believe children are dying, so we can't expect them to do other than support a woman's "right to choose". It is the fault of us who know what is going on when we sit back and let this continue.

I can, to some extent, understand the pro-abortionists' position. If they don't believe that abortion is the killing of a human being, then it is just fine. Right? If I didn't believe that abortion kills people, then I would stand firmly for the right for anyone to have one. What I don't understand, though, are the people who claim that abortion is murder, but aren't willing to do a damned thing about it! The pro-abortionists operate on the premise that abortion isn't the murder of a human being, so perhaps they can be forgiven for their support of such violence. But if you do believe that children are being butchered and are doing nothing about it, then you are simply a cold, uncaring brute! Just to be clear on that: If you believe abortion is murder but are doing nothing to stop it, you are a cold uncaring BRUTE!!

It took a war to end slavery in the U.S. It took a war to end the holocaust in Nazi Germany. It will not take a war to end abortion, but it will take people who are willing to do whatever it will take to stop it. It requires people who are willing to "cause trouble" to get the job done. It requires people who will stand up and say, "I WILL NOT put up with the killing of innocent people!" It requires people to be horrified and act like they are horrified.

We won't end abortion by asking people to "choose life" or gently and politely encourage a "culture of life". We will end abortion when we get pissed off - when we get so damned mad at the killing of innocent people that we simply won't tolerate it! The problem isn't that we don't "respect life". The problem isn't that people don't "choose life". The problem is that people are out there ripping little bodies to pieces, and we won't stand up and say, "No. You WILL NOT kill any more!" We want to take a positive approach. We want to smile and make people like us so that maybe they will listen to us. Well, my friends, there is nothing positive about this. It is a violent horror - a horrible massacre of innocent people. And we will end it when we stand up and let people know that it is an ugly, violent, unconscionable horror and that we are not going to put up with the violence anymore! Martin Luther King, Jr. and the others who worked for civil rights in the 1960s didn't just say they opposed racism, they stood up and did something about it. They took action, even when it "caused trouble", and weren't willing to sit back let the racism continue.

You have a choice right now. You can get horrified and ACT in horror over the killing of little children, or you can go back to ignoring it except to perhaps write a letter once a year or send some money to a "pro-life" organization. Well those "pro-life" organizations aren't going to end this killing, my friend. Only you and I can end it, and we won't do it until we get so horrified by abortion that we simply will not let it continue. If you don't do it, then the children's blood is on your hands!

Will you continue ignoring the plight of the children from day to day, or will you get mad? Will you get angry? Will you be so horrified by the killing of innocent children that you will absolutely not put up with it, and will, in the words of the song below, "demand that every child have its rights restored"?!

Ward Ricker
Eugene, Oregon

"He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I see so many parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the Pro-life Movement... [But] unlike the Civil Rights Movement, we lack urgency." -Ashley Baldwin

"How many more must die before we finally get together?
Before we stand our ground? Before we say 'No More!'?
What will it take before we make firm our endeavor
And demand that every child have its rights restored?"

(For the full words and music of this song visit AbortionReason.com.)


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